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We are excited to have YOU in the IMMS BANDS!  This is where YOU belong! 

Where do we start?: 5th Grade students have been visited by the counselors and were shown a video about the fun things band has to offer! Students that made BAND an elective choice have either been placed on instruments already OR they will be placed on instruments the first week of the 2023-2024 school year!  

Please contact us if you have not had a chance to choose your instrument or have any other questions! -
Alexis Sampley

Watch our demonstration videos to get an idea of the instrument you'll be interested in learning:

Click HERE to learn about the instruments!

When do we start on the instruments?:  Once students have been placed on their instruments at the end of the 22-23 school year or at the beginning of the 23-24 school year they will be sorted in to like instrument classes. For example - all students who are placed on clarinet will be placed in the clarinet class period, all students who are placed on trombone will be placed in the trombone class period, etc. We begin the year all learning the fundamentals of music and then about halfway through the first 6 weeks we will begin making our first sounds on our instruments!

Please know that BAND is a year long commitment elective.  

When should I rent or purchase my instrument: Once a student has been placed on an instrument after attending the instrument try out, they will leave with information about their specific instrument they have been placed on. This includes the recommended instrument they purchase, the list of required supplies for class and the contact information for music stores we work with. We recommend you wait to purchase an instrument until we have an instrument drive event up at the school where you have the opportunity to speak with the music stores in person to discuss rental and purchasing options. Please speak with a director for more information before renting or purchasing an instrument. 

Instrument and supply lists - 
Music Stores - 

Head Director: Alexis Sampley
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 469-616-3813

Assistant Director: Zachary Rodgers 


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