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Graphic displaying the text "EMERGENCY AND INCLEMENT WEATHER PROCEDURES" with a forecast for Monday and Tuesday depicted. Monday shows a snowflake and cloud icon with a temperature of 10°, while Tuesday shows a storm cloud and lightning icon with a temperature of 75°. A large triangular warning sign with an exclamation mark is displayed on the right.

Emergency and Inclement Weather Procedures

During inclement weather or other emergencies, Castleberry ISD will use the following procedure to communicate information to staff, parents, and other stakeholders.

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Graphic showing various ways to connect with Castleberry, including icons for a landline phone, YouTube, a messaging app, email, Instagram, and Facebook. An icon with a red circle and a white 'X' represents the social platform X, formerly known as Twitter. The text "CONNECT with CASTLEBERRY" is displayed at the bottom.
Connect with Castleberry Independent School District

Stay informed about happenings around the district and on campus. Castleberry ISD utilizes several lines of communication to keep parents and guardians informed. These include an internal broadcast system, in addition to social media.

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Graphic that promotes bullying prevention, featuring a person sitting with their knees up to their chest next to a computer screen displaying chat bubbles and hands reaching out. Includes the text "Bullying Prevention."

Keep Castleberry Safe: Report Anonymously using STOPit

Castleberry ISD utilizes STOPit to empower all stakeholders to use Technology for Good to promote a healthier learning environment. STOPit provides an anonymous, comfortable way for students and parents to share information with district administration to get help as quickly an efficiently as possible. This webpage also includes links to district policies about bullying, anti-bullying websites, resources, and informational videos.

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