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The mission of Irma Marsh Middle School is to prepare and empower all students to become lifelong 21st century learners by providing an engaging and technologically advanced academic environment supported by community and family involvement.

Kaitlin Starnes is on the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee, Student Council, and National Junior Honor Society. She has attended some Site Base Decision Making Committee meetings in her tenure at IMMS. She is a student who has a track record of success in her academics. Kaitlin placed 2nd in the Fort Worth Regional Science and Engineering Fair. She will be representing Castleberry ISD at state on March 31 and April 1. On behalf of CISD and Irma Marsh Middle School, we would like to wish her our best and thank you for being a model scholar.  Board of Education and Guest, Ms. Kaitlin Starnes. I would like to ask Kaitlin’s family to please stand and be recognized. 

George Oviedo - George has participated in basketball, football, and cross country. He is on the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee and in journalism. He is viewed by many of the teachers as a “great kid and sharp dresser.” He strives for the best and works hard to get results. George is a go-getter and exceptionally helpful in the classroom. Board of Education and Guest, Mr. George Oviedo. I would like to ask George’s family to please stand and be recognized. 

Leslie Hernandez - She is on the basketball and cross country teams. She excels in everything she does - academics, athletics, and band. Leslie is one of our Oboe players in Honors Band. She has shown tremendous promise as an oboe player over the past 2.5 years. She made the middle school All-Region Band for two straight years. According to Mr. Daily, IMMS band director, Leslie has the potential to be an all-star type of musician if she sticks with playing and practicing diligently. Board of Education and Guest, Ms. Leslie Hernandez. I would like to ask Leslie’s family to please stand and be recognized. 

Andy Brady - I have had the joy in my tenure as an educator to work with some talented teachers. I have always desired to clone the many qualities of these educators into one. When I came to Irma Marsh Middle School, I was able to see the reality of this type of clone. Mr. Brady is a teacher who has strong content knowledge and a genuine passion for kids. He is on the Superintendent Teacher Advisory Committee. Mr. Brady has been proactive in providing solutions to barriers impeding student achievement. He has opened his classroom to colleagues to learn from him and have valued the opportunities to learn from them. He sets the bar high for his students. Board of Education and Guest, Mr. Andy Brady. I would like to ask Mr. Brady’s family to please stand and be recognized.

Connie Aregullin - (A ray-Gulin)-Ms. Connie is a hard person to describe. Let me see if I can do her any justice; she wears the hat of a nurse, teacher, administrator, cook, mother, counselor, ELL specialist, but carries the title of a para educator. Mrs. Aregullin is an all-around employer who is willing to be wherever she is needed to make a difference in the life of a scholar. She is completing 12 years in CISD all served at IMMS. Her passion and commitment to serving our second language learners has helped many of our ESL scholars transition smoothly at IMMS. Board of Education and Guest, Mrs. Connie Aregullin. I would like to ask Leslie’s family to please stand and be recognized.

Erika Starnes - They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. You met her daughter Kaitlin Starnes earlier. Kaitlin’s success is modeled through her parents’ strong work ethics and expectations of her. Mrs. Starnes has modeled for Kaitlin what that looks like. She is a volunteer at IMMS. She always makes herself accessible to the needs of the campus. In addition to serving the scholars at IMMS, Mrs. Starnes volunteers for the Texas Girl’s Choir and Cub Scouts for Joshua. Mrs. Starnes earned her Bachelor of Business and Accounting from Texas Wesleyan University. She is a member of the Site Base Decision Making Committee and a strong IMMS supporter. Board of Education and Guest, Mrs. Erika Starnes. I would like to ask Mrs. Starnes family to please stand and be recognized.

Irma Marsh administration, faculty, staff, and scholars would like to extend a special thanks to Pastor Andy and Rachel Salazar and members of their congregation at One Faith Church for their contribution to the IMMS Attendance Celebration. The IMMS Attendance Challenge is aimed at getting students in grades 6th through 8th to attend school everyday and on time. Pastor Salazar and his wife contributed over 100 pizzas and drinks to our 7th grade IMMS scholars for the grade level who had the highest attendance rate of 95% for the end of the 3rd six weeks on Friday, January 27. Scholars also enjoyed 30 minutes of music by D. J. Javier, soccer, football, and basketball. Students participated in loads of physical activities with their teachers. We would once again like to thank our partners at One Faith Church.

Teacher & Staff Appreciation                                                

CISD Outstanding Teacher: Judy Pastusek

Mrs. Pastusek always go above and beyond for all the scholars and staff at IMMS. She is a “Great” role model for her students and her Student Council members. Often she comes out of pocket to provide for scholars who are in need. She has shown members of Student Council how to give back to their school and to the River Oaks community through service.  She has been an inspiration to new teachers in her department. Congratulations to Mrs. Pastusek for her recognition.


Outstanding Support: Christie Patton

Mrs. Patton is a Campus Academic Leader at IMMS. Her principal would describe her as hard working, smart, and instructionally solid. Her expertise in Special Education has helped the campus to grow its special education program by raising student achievement on local common assessments and benchmarks. Mrs. Patton has accomplished this task by collaborating with the campus principal on ways to improve systems and processes before, during, and after a student’s ARD.  In addition to her expertise in Special Education, Mrs. Patton has a proven record of success in Science. IMMS is proud to have Mrs. Patton serving our scholars. 

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