Visual Arts

Welcome to the Visual Arts Page for Irma Marsh Middle School!

Beginner art: Exploratory art – introduction to elements and principles; intro to peer and self-critique; exploring all different types of art and different media (ie: oil pastels, colored pencils, beginning digital work, painting, watercolor, 3d art and sculpturing)

Intermediate art: Building on skills from beginner art. Advancing understanding of elements and principles. Longer and deeper understanding of peer and self-critique. Diving deeper into painting effects, drawing effects and 3D art work. A portfolio to enter into advanced art is required.

3 dimensional student art

Advanced art: Based on portfolio, students gain entrance to advanced art if they display a strong understanding of the principles and elements of art and it is apparent in ALL of their work. Students begin investigating new or current artists and exploring art history in depth. Art projects are given and a choice of medium will be allowed, to make sure students grow in their choice of media. Some projects will be mandated as a particular media however to make sure growth in all media is continuing. A portfolio is the culminating piece and required to gain access to more advanced art or art I, II, etc.