IMMS Volleyball Review

IMMS Volleyball Review
Posted on 01/12/2023
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Volleyball season review

8th Grade A:



8th Grade B:



7th Grade A:



7th Grade B:



8th grade:

Despite our record for 8th grade B team, I am pleased to report our volleyball season had an all-around athletic success. During tryouts this year, three athletes who were part of last year's 7th grade B team, displayed tremendous skills and qualified to move up to the 8th grade A team. This shows what was implemented last year, worked for this unique group. Although most of this year's 8th grade B team had limited experience or were new to the sport, they demonstrated commitment, sportsmanship, and teamwork, both as individuals and a team. I am proud of our Lady Lions!

The 8th grade A team for volleyball made huge strides from last year's season and in knowledge of the game.  We finished 3rd at the Benbrook tournament which had 12 teams from Keller ISD, FWISD, and Eagle Mountain Saginaw. We also hosted our own IMMS Volleyball Tournament and finished 3rd in that tournament as well with a hard-fought loss against Stripling Middle School for Second place.  


We started off the season with a strong 6-2 (2 setter system where both setters set from the back row) and did very well at this for the first half of the season.  We had a setter injury that forced the girls to learn and adjust to a 5-1 system (1 setter and she sets from front and back row depending on where she is on the court at the time of rotation).  We had to run this system several games as one setter was injured for several games and then the other setter was hurt, and we had to learn to run it with a different setter.  


So needless to say, the girls learned a lot about volleyball systems this year and what they mean and how to adjust when we have to adapt to new situations depending on availability of our healthy players.   We learned how to run certain plays on serve receive, continue our discussion of transition on and off the net and learned what rotation or line defense to use based off what the other team was hitting.  We learned that we need to get better at "reading" the other team so that our first line of defense, which is blocking, will be able to help out with that defensive strategy.  We also learned the importance of serving areas and how to serve strong to challenge the other team's serve receive. 


The overall season record was not what we had hoped for, but I feel the girls grew in their knowledge of the game and had a fun experience. 

7th grade: 

The 7th grade volleyball “A” team ended their season with 5 wins, where most games were won in 3 sets. For all of these girls, this was their first season of volleyball. While we were in the process of learning the game, we had some tough matches. Our girls were never discouraged though. They put in the work, week after week, and held each other accountable. It was obvious to see this team radiate with positivity and grit. We learned fundamentals of the game, rules, and learned about each other as individuals. By mid-season, that grew to be a love for the game, and for each other – as teammates. The progression for these girls was evident. The team goal for this season was to transition naturally in our games. We exceeded that goal. Record aside, this season was an absolute success. I was blessed with an awesome group of young women who constantly put their team before themselves. As their coach, I am extremely proud to see all they achieve next year in athletics, academics, and in life.