Research Tips

Need some help with your research project?  Try these links:

What are Databases and why do we need them?   

Beginning Research: Citations

Big 6 Research Steps

Avoiding Plagiarism (

Digital Citizenship 

Great Search Tools:
Sweet Search
This is a search engine for students that searches only credible sources approved by teachers and internet research experts.

Noodle Tools
This search engine helps you determine How to define your search.

Research-oriented, interactive concept-mapping and search cool tool!

Safe, quick, reliable search engine that pulls resources from only the most trusted, noncommercial sites.

Image Library
Photos for Class
Creative Commons photos for students/teachers - already cited!

Free images and videos released under CC. No permission or giving credit necessary.

Creative Commons 
Collection of various search services

6th grade SS
List of resources for Disney Theme Park Project: African Simulation

Debate websites
List of websites for debate resources

Science Fair Sites:
Science Buddies                Cool Science Projects           Dragon Fly TV
Science 360                    Science Activities Online        Nat. Science Digital Library

Remember to cite your sources  Citing Sources Video - How to 

You can use Citation Machine or EasyBib to help you! Citation Wizard is recommended to help you use the correct format.

We are here to help.  Please stop by the library if you have questions about your assignment or what resources we have available.  Also, remember to check our IMMS Library Catalog.