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We are excited to have YOU in the IMMS BANDS!  This is where YOU belong! 

Where do we start?:  Yes, it is a bit different this year!

Beginning band students will start the year assigned to an instrument class.  The name of the instrument class does not indicate their instrument choice.  All students will be offered an in depth look at all of the instruments band offers.  They will also learn the music reading and theory skills needed for any instrument they may choose to learn this year. Once we are cleared for instrument tryouts, the students will get to pick the instrument they were most interested in learning and then be placed in the most appropriate class. Please click the link below to let us know YOU want to be in BAND!  Watch our demonstration videos to get an idea of the instrument you'll be interested in learning!

While not the usual situation, we are excited that each student will get a chance to learn a little of everything! 

BAND is a year long commitment and will be provided to both in-person and online learners.

Click HERE to begin your journey!

What about Remote Learning?:  CISD is beginning the school year with Remote Learning - and BAND is still happening!  We will start by learning the basics of music reading, music making, and all of the different instruments.  There is so much we can do to get a great start and HAVE FUN!

When do we start on the instruments?:  Students will learn about all of the instruments offered in BAND no matter which instrument class they are assigned to. Once we are cleared for instrument tryouts, d
irectors will be making sure each student is starting on the instrument that will be best for them.  Then all students will begin instrument instruction in the classroom or online, and everyone can do this!  Instruments are an investment so it is important to get it right.  

When should I rent or purchase my instrument: We will offer music store information on this page soon.  You are welcome to order your instrument earlier, but we won't begin working on them until we are closer to face to face instruction and directors have solidified each student's instrument choice.  Please speak with a director for more information before renting or purchasing an instrument. 

Ellis County Music -

Band Wagon Music   -

Beth Banks Baskin Contact Info:
Phone: 682-200-9054

Alexis Sampley Contact Info:
Phone: 469-616-3813

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