IMMS Band Artwork

The CISD band program is one of the most recognized organizations in the district. The success of the CISD band program begins at Marsh Middle School where students entering the 6th grade have the choice to begin their band career. Irma Marsh provides beginning band instruction for all 6th graders, and all 7th and 8th grade band members audition for the Concert, Symphonic, or Honor Bands.

The Irma Marsh Middle School Band program is fortunate to have 5 directors teach during the school day, Matt Daily and Jennifer Haden are assigned to the campus, and Mario Morales and Gerardo Loya also assist from Castleberry High School. We are also fortunate to have James Bachrach as the IMMS and CHS Percussion Director who is the percussion lead on our campus.  

The Honor Band is under the direction of Matt Daily and performs at all pep rallies, UIL contests, All-Region, Solo & Ensemble, local concerts, and other various community performances throughout the year. Honor Band consists of nearly all 8th graders and a select few 7th graders. The Honor Band is the most decorated band of Irma Marsh Middle School, and it's primary purpose is to prepare students for High School the following year.

The Symphonic Band is under the direction of Jennifer Haden and performs at UIL contests, All-Region, Solo and Ensemble, local concerts, and other various community performances throughout the year. The Symphonic Band consists mostly of 7th grade students and some 8th graders. The Symphonic Band is designed to give band members a comfortable setting to advance their playing abilities to prepare for the next grade level, whether it's the Castleberry High School band or their next year at IMMS. 

The Concert Band consists of nearly all 7th grade students. This band's primary focus is on the individual and band fundamentals of it's members, and to prepare them for membership into the Symphonic or Honor Bands the following year. The Concert Band performs at all concerts, Solo and Ensemble, and a festival during the spring semester.

The 6th grade band members are divided into like-instrument classes throughout the school day. All four members of our band staff team teach our beginning band classes each day to provide our 6th grade members with the best opportunity for success. The 6th grade band is combined a few times a year to perform at one concert contest and the annual Holiday and Spring Concerts.


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