September Teacher and Staff Member of the Month

September Teacher & Staff Appreciation
Posted on 11/16/2015
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Donna Tuggle

Donna Tuggle Mrs. Tuggle is the glue that holds everything together.  She wears multiple hats out our campus. She works in the ISS room with some of our most difficult students who need individual attention and lots of love. Ms. Tuggle provides them with love and clear expectations.  Whatever/Whenever, she is asked to do something, she does it with a smile. Often she takes the lead when no one else does. She assist teachers, parents, students, and administrators with the same smile and service. It is a privilege to have a member such as Mrs. Donna Tuggle on the Irma Marsh Middle School Team.

Ann Miller
Ann MillerIt is a joy to walk into a CBI class and see a passionate, patient, and committed teacher working with our most needed students. Ms. Miller requires her special needs students to think and articulate their understanding despite their disability either verbally or in writing. She teachers her students life skills as well as academics. She has a system and a plan to meet the needs of ALL of her students’ unique learning abilities. It’s a joy to watch her in action. She is an educator, gift, and guardian to our students. Ms. Miller is a valued stakeholder at Irma Marsh Middle School who has grit and passion for what’s best for our kids.